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Types of Programmes

What is the difference in the programmes that Inspire offers?

School Holiday Programmes

School holiday programmes run for 4 days generally Monday - Thursday during the school holidays. The main programme runs from 10am-3pm daily (with the option of Kirsty looking after the young people for extended hours if needed).

The holiday programmes each have a theme that the activities and talk is focused on for that week. These weeks are a wonderful way to practice mindfulness, meditation and gratitude on consecutive days to help embed the ideas and benefits that come with doing such activities. Having a small group means that meaningful friendships can be formed and as Kirsty likes to "walk the talk" the week is full of constant opportunities to explore well-being from physical, emotional and mental perspectives. The space created is welcoming and intimate where young people can share their feelings and really develop their ideas and feel empowerment about themselves.

The longer day sessions also give us the opportunity to do a morning and afternoon meditation.

Mindful natures walks are taken (weather permitting) to break the day up and add a nature perspective to the skill we are focusing on.


After School Sessions

An alternative form of childcare, iNSPiRE after school sessions are a great opportunity to develop a weekly practice of mindfulness; meditating, finding calm and gratitude and having time to reflect. The sessions run during term times after school usually from 3.30-5.30pm.

Kirsty provides a healthy afternoon tea so we can practice mindful eating and focus on a different theme each session/term. These sessions are a great way to carve out time in their week to relax and find calm (the young people LOVE doing a meditation every session!), work on their journals and have a chance to spend time with new friends from other schools. This is a great alternative form of after school care with the potential of school pick ups (availability permitting).

iNSPiRE Term 2 2020

Meditation Classes

A new offering in 2021, the one hour meditation classes are a great opportunity to find calm, practice deeper breathing and learn different meditation techniques. These bitesize sessions allow the young people to come together and practice calming their 'monkey mind' on a regular basis. 

Each session includes well-being activities, affirmation practice, journalling and conversations based on different iNSPiRE themes. A short but valuable session to fit into your week during term time!

iNSPiRE December Days 2020

Yoga Classes

Guided interactive movement and yoga adventures; these sessions build strength, confidence and balance.

The classes encourage the development of mindfulness, deeper breathing and self-regulation from a young age. 

Yoga practices are known to have a positive impact on young people's well-being; increasing their concentration, improving memory and cognitive function, improving social relationships, sleep and can reduce stress and anxiety. Kids yoga is delivered through story telling with lessons about life woven into the scripts; so as well as exercising with movement the sessions help young people learn how to understand themselves better and develop techniques for a happy life which is incredibly valuable.

Kirsty is excited to bring this offering to young people in Queenstown-Lakes this year.

iNSPiRE January Holiday Programme 2020.j

Online Sessions

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the (in person) 2020 term 1 after school sessions and school holiday programmes were paused during Lockdown in level 4 and 3. Instead, Kirsty ran iNSPiRE online: these sessions ran multiple times a week for an hour and were a great way to stay connected, healthy and mindful from the comfort of our own home.

Activities include deeper breathing, setting intentions, meditating together, mindfulness and craft activities and practising affirmations in a safe space.

This form of session will also be offered going forward to allow young people from other areas to benefit from the programmes and activities that iNSPiRE delivers!

iNSPiRE Online Sessions 2020.png

One-off Workshops & Days

iNSPiRE runs one-off workshops on sporadic weekends for 3-4 hours and one-off days on teacher only days of schools across Queenstown-Lakes. The workshops and days are a great way to get a taster of what we do at iNSPiRE - try meditation, journalling, meet new people and play games and activities based on building a particular personal skill eg. confidence, compassion or gratitude.

Kirsty wants to run these sessions so young people have a chance to practice mindful activities even if you can't make it to a weekly session during the term. Each session or day has a variety of participants (some first timers, some regular so each session is never the same); a different group dynamic and always something to learn!

iNSPiRE July Holiday Programmes 2019

1:1 Mentoring

Since completing Youth Mentor Training during 2020, Kirsty is keen to offer personalised and individual support, guidance and time to any young people who feels more aligned to working 1:1 on specific skills to feel empowered. 

Tailoring each session to the individual she is working with, Kirsty has seen the positive effect that spending just a few hours 1:1 with can have on their confidence, morale and belief in themselves!

iNSPiRE Mentoring 2020
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