Why come to Inspire? Testimonies from parents and young people who attend iNSPiRE below!



"Thank you so much for the

iNSPiRE holiday programmes; our girls

hugely benefitted from the courses. They really

enjoyed themselves as well as learning some

valuable life skills in the process. I felt really confident that the children were being nurtured and not just supervised. We can tell that you are passionate about the courses and put in so much effort to make it a special experience for the children.

We will definitely be back! Thank you!"

~ Cassie, 2 daughters aged 7 & 9

"I always feel so

calm at iNSPiRE."

~ Bela aged 9

"My daughter, Willow, has

attended numerous iNSPiRE weeks and

after school sessions and absolutely loves it!

She’s met some other really amazing kids. The

biggest thing I noticed, however, is after days at iNSPiRE Willow comes home and treats her 3 year sister with such love and kindness. It’s blown me away! I absolutely love this venture Kirsty has started and

can’t recommend it enough. I think we could all

use a little “iNSPiRE” in our lives."

~ Bridget, daughter aged 7


"My favourite part

of iNSPiRE is...


~ Cate aged 8

"Just wanted

to say a big thank you for

this week... Lexi had a wonderful

time and was full of positive feedback

about what she got up to each day.

We read through her journal together

last night and she added a new

gratitude list this morning... "

~ Kirsten, daughter aged 8

"My girls both

love iNSPiRE. They think Kirsty

is fantastic. I love that they spend

time learning how to recognise and

manage their feelings, and get into some really good habits around self reflection

and gratitude. Thanks heaps Kirsty.”

~ Kat, 2 daughters aged 8 & 10

"Thank you for

giving Lara the tools she

needs to be the best she can be

and for being a wonderful mentor Kirsty. She has loved the 4 days

spent on the holiday program

and is looking forward to the

weekly afternoon sessions next term.



"We've noticed such a huge

improvement in our 12 year old son after

attending iNSPiRE in term 1. Struggling with anxiety

and the added pressures of High School looming, we

felt that it was important to try and expand Jaxon's toolkit.

After trying a couple of Apps and online courses with little success, we saw a flyer for iNSPiRE and decided to give it a go. Kirsty is wonderful and manages to intwine these positive well-being skills so beautifully that he keeps wanting to go back. The changes we've seen in him as a person are huge! He's much calmer, and his resilience is building, he's less anxious and

he's able to better identify these feeling and use his

new skillset to help face them. Thanks Kirsty!!"

~ Kylie, son aged 12

"I’m so impressed with

Kirsty’s planning, personal approach and

delivery of the ‘iNSPiRE’ course - the thought behind

each and every task, question and action given to the

girls during the week reflects her multi-levelled education

and supportive mentoring style, and her belief in and genuine concern for those in the course. Kirsty touches upon possible sensitive areas such as self worth and limited confidence in a beautifully gentle, relaxed and all-inclusive way, all the while keeping parents

in the loop in regards to course topics and daily activities. My daughter arrived home each day sharing her new knowledge

with a happy, bright and positive attitude.. Kirsty, it takes a

special soul to guide young people in this way, thank

you, the Queenstown community is fortunate

to have you."

~ Lisa, daughter aged 12

"My son came home

after the first day and said "I love

that lady, there is something special about

her - she is awesome. I just felt amazing the

whole day of the holiday programme and I have

so much energy." He taught our family so many

new things and was really happy and grounded

afterwards. Since the programme he keeps

referring to his journal and doing wee

things everyday that Kirsty taught him.”

~ Janine, son aged 10

"Isla really enjoyed the

iNSPiRE holiday programme, Kirsty

made her feel really comfortable from the

start, and after day 1 and not knowing anyone

else there she couldn’t wait to go see her new

friends the next day. Since the programme she’s been

more aware of showing gratitude, and has even

done some of the grounding exercises that Kirsty

has taught her such as rubbing her feet

together. Would definitely recommend

the programme to others!"

~ Sharon, daughter aged 6

"Bela thoroughly

enjoyed last terms after school

sessions and this holiday programme.

When I asked her how she feels when she’s

at iNSPiRE she said she feels ‘calm’, something

we could all aspire to. She really appreciates

the fun that she’s had and making new

friends. If you were a rock star Kirsty,

she would be your groupie!!"

~ Liz, daughter aged 9


"Kids should

go to iNSPiRE because they

will learn about themselves,

and have time to relax and be

creative and really think

about themselves.”

~ Emma aged 8


"At iNSPiRE I have

learnt that I am more

open-minded than I thought

and I have tried new things

this week!"

~ Fleur aged 7


"I love

mindful colouring

at iNSPiRE."

~ Amy aged 9


"iNSPiRE has

helped me calm down

and become aware

of my thoughts" 

~ Anja aged 9


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