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Media & Images

The enrolment form that parents fill out asks permission for any media (images/videos) taken during the programme of their young person to be used for website and promotional purposes for iNSPiRE. 


If any parents answer 'no' then Kirsty will ensure that they are not visible in any promotional material used. Kirsty also checks with the young people to confirm they are happy to be in photos (mainly candid) during the sessions and days.

iNSPiRE October Holiday Programme 2019

First Aid & Medication

Kirsty holds a current First Aid Qualification and a First Aid Kit is present at every iNSPiRE session.

The First Aid Kit is also present during any nature walks/external activities. On the enrolment form, parents are asked to disclose any medical conditions, known allergies and current medications.


When Kirsty first meets a young person she will confirm that they have their medication on them and help to administer at the appropriate times. The enrolment form also asks for permission to administer panadol/antihistamines if necessary. Sanitary products are also available if the needs arises. 

iNSPiRE Term 4 2019



* A $50 deposit must be paid by online bank transfer within 5 WORKING DAYS after receiving your invoice. This will be stated on your invoice and will ensure that your young person’s space is reserved on the programme.


* If you have reserved a space and your young person is no longer able to attend the programme, please email kirsty@inspireyouth.nz before your deposit is due. If you do not contact Kirsty before then, it will be assumed that your young person is able to make the programme dates and times. The deposit is non-refundable after its due date.


* Full payment can be paid via online back transfer after the moment your invoice is sent. The deadline for full payment is the first day of the programme. You can make payment in full straight away if preferred. Alternatively, if you would like to bring the second instalment in cash, please bring it on the first day of the programme in a named envelope.



* A payment plan is also an option, splitting the fees into instalments (monthly, fortnightly or weekly). It is mandatory to meet all payments for the programme. The best way of ensuring your payment goes through on the correct date is to set up an automatic payment.


* If you have prior commitments (holidays, weddings for example) during the programme you may take a payment break of up to 2 sessions as long as 4 weeks notice of dates of absence are given to ensure no materials etc. are purchased for your young person for that session(s).



* If you cancel during a programme then you will be charged up until the date of cancelling as well as the non-refundable deposit. You will be refunded the difference before the end of the programme.

* If your young person is unwell or unable to attend the session(s), payment will still need to be made for the session(s) missed as the programmes will be delivered and resources will be bought based on the sign up numbers.


* If, for any unforeseen circumstances, a programme session has to be cancelled by the practitioner, participants will receive a full refund for that session. If possible, Kirsty will arrange an appropriate time for make up any sessions cancelled!

Thank you for your understanding!

iNSPiRE January Holiday Programmes 2019