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Frequently Asked Questions 

These programmes sound fantastic... how do I  sign up?  

Just fill in the enrolment form (mainly for emergency contact details and to learn about your young person's personality so the programmes can be tailored to the young people attending). Alternatively, you can head to the "Upcoming Programmes" and click on the "book now" of the programme you are interested in and it will take you to an email template to send to Kirsty.

Do you need to sign up for the whole programme? 

Ideally you would sign up for a full school holiday week programme or term of after school sessions to get the most benefit from developing consistent mindful practices. However Kirsty is open to flexibility and understands that you may already have previous commitments on certain days so is happy to communicate with you and come up with a mutual beneficial arrangement.

Kirsty is keen to plant the seeds of positive well-being whether your young person/people come to one or 100 sessions; another reason why Kirsty delivers one-off workshops that young people can drop in and out of depending on their schedule.

Can young people come for a trial?

Yes of course; your young person is very welcome to come along to an after school session to see how they find it or attend one day that suits you of a school holiday programme.

What is the process from now to attending?

If your young person is keen to come along then please fill in the enrolment form.

Kirsty will then send you an email with an invoice and details of location etc for the specific programme. You will pay the deposit to secure your young person's place and then we will see you on the first day off the programme - easy!

Why is Inspire currently not run at any school locations in the afternoons?

Venues have been an interesting trial and error since iNSPiRE started whilst trying to please as many people as possible. Kirsty is keen to not run iNSPiRE at any particular school in the area as one of the beautiful things Kirsty has witnessed over the past year has been the friendships built from the young people who go to different schools in the area.

Choosing different locations has enabled iNSPiRE to have a different feel from school; creating a learning environment with a different energy and focus!

The flyer says school pick-ups for after school sessions might be available? 

Yes, Kirsty is keen for iNSPiRE to be accessible to all - regardless of location and background - so if you work longer than the school day Kirsty is happy to try and arrange picking your young people up from school (for a small additional fee). If she can't do it herself she will try and co-ordinate with other parents coming from the same school and see if they can help. 

I  see the flyers say discounts may be available? 

Kirsty is happy to honour a 5% sibling discount when more than one sibling signs up to a programme at the same time. Kirsty has also been giving (discretionary) loyalty discounts to young people who have loyal throughout the year and attended many programmes run.

Friends discounts may be introduced during 2021 as well. 

What materials are provided?

Other than lunch during the school holiday programmes the young people are not expected to bring anything with them to the sessions. Kirsty will provide all the materials for iNSPiRE including stationary, journals, stickers, cushions to sit on, blankets and eye masks for meditations, essential oils for the oil diffuser, incense to burn, music and anything needed for different crafts and activities e.g. bracelet making, candle making and rock painting.

What extra days does Inspire run?

Kirsty has started running iNSPiRE days on teacher only days throughout the school term. These days run for the same hours as a school day (with extended childcare hours available) and each day focuses on a different theme e.g. Thankful Thursday, Fruitful Friday.

If you have a day that you would like an iNSPiRE day to run that isn't scheduled on the "Upcoming Programmes" page then please get in touch!  

What is Inspirer of the day or week?

As part of the iNSPiRE programme Kirsty is keen for the young people to participate and shape their programme and sessions and also take responsibility for handing out resources (journals etc) and tidying up.

SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAMMES & ONE-OFF DAYS - Throughout longer iNSPiRE days the young people take it in turns to choose different aspects of the programme - the essential oil for the diffuser, taking the roll call, setting the intention for the day, going first in games and activities, choosing which guided meditations we do, choosing our leaving quote and being the main helper for that day.

AFTER SCHOOL SESSIONS & MEDiTATiON CLASSES - Each session/class a different person's name is picked our of the box to decide who is the 'iNSPIRER of the week'. This means they get to choose the essential oil for the diffuser, take the role call, set an intention for the session, get to choose/go first in any activities we do and choose our leaving quote.

How do you cater for different ages?

Kirsty knows it is important for young people to be able to relate to those of other ages so she encourages a variety of ages in most of her programmes so there can be layers of understanding from different levels and perspectives.

What is the oldest/ youngest aged person to come to Inspirer?

So far, the oldest person to come to iNSPiRE was 14 and the youngest was 4!

How can I get my school involved with Inspire?

Kirsty is very keen to work with as many young people in as many environments as possible so if you are interested in your young people's school benefitting from the skills Kirsty is empowering in young people then please send Kirsty an email:

Equally if any community groups are interested in collaborating then please get in touch.

What is the future for Inspirer?

Kirsty is excited to bring her Mindfulness Educator Training and Youth Mentor Training knowledge to iNSPiRE this year and is keen to continue learning (Kids Yoga Teacher Training is next!)

Kirsty would love to branch out to different location areas in Wanaka and Hawea and more age groups especially pre-school age and older young people at secondary/high schools and get into schools to help as many young people as possible to develop their toolkit of personal skills and positive well-being habits!

iNSPiRE January Holiday Programmes 2020
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