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iNSPiRE January Holiday Programme 2020
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 "If I could give my child anything...

 it would be the confidence to believe in him/herself and the courage to accept and love who they really are!"


Kia  Ora,  Welcome  to  Inspire -  Youth  Empowerment  Programmes!

~ Planting the seeds of wellbeing and empowerment in young people,

one session at a time... ~

Quality and engaging alternative school holiday programmes, after school sessions, meditation classes, yoga classes and one-off workshops to promote and develop personal skills and positive well-being habits in small groups of young people aged 5 - 14.

 The iNSPiRE programmes offer a safe space and the opportunity to explore meditation, mindfulness, gratitude journaling, learning through organic conversation and games, nature walks and activities focussed on different themes; iNSPiRE confidence, resilience, compassion, self-love to name a few.

"When you inspire something, it is as if you are blowing air over a low flame to make it grow."

These learnings encourage the young people to feel empowered whilst nurturing their emotional intelligence skills enabling them to navigate society and their world around them as they grow up.


Join Us!

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iNSPiRE January Holiday Programmes 2020
iNSPiRE Term 3 2020

School Holiday Programmes

5 days to develop consistent habits focusing on a theme.

Ages 5-12

After School  Sessions

Weekly sessions with a shared (provided) healthy afternoon tea to start.

Ages 5-13

Meditation Classes

One hour classes to really find and practice calm.

Ages 5-14

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Yoga Classes

Guided interactive movement and yoga adventures.

Ages 3-15

iNSPiRE Online Sessions 2020

Online Sessions

Hour long online sessions practicing positive well-being habits from the comfort of your own home.

Ages 5-13


One-off  Workshops & Days

Weekend workshops and Teacher Only School Days focusing on a specific theme.

Ages 5-14


1:1 Mentoring

Personalised sessions with Kirsty working on specific skills to feel empowered.

Any age.

iNSPiRE December Days 2020
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